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Unlock Your True Potential Today

Tap into Your True Potential with Diana's Healing Services. Explore Reiki, Lightbody Activation, and More to Unlock Your Inner Power. Awaken Your Crown with the Holy Ampulla of Sophia Ritual and Benefit from Diana's Divine Mother Energy.


Start Your Healing Journey Today.



Healing Sessions


Experience transformative healing with our modality that taps into universal life force energy. Diana provides mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing tailored to your needs. This service is best for those seeking deep relaxation, restoration, and inner peace.

Lightbody Activation

Experience our powerful healing modality that clears pathways in your body, allowing more Light to be held in your energetic body. With Diana, you can achieve a deeper level of energetic balance and harmony. Book now for a transformative experience.


Discover the transformative power of Deeksha, a powerful energy transmission that accelerates the evolution of consciousness. Experience rapid growth and expansion with this profound modality.

Spiritual Mentoring

Let Diana help you identify your unique spiritual path and deepen your personal relationship with your higher power. Her mission is to guide and support you on your spiritual journey towards greater connection and fulfillment. 



A gentle yet powerful healing medicine known to awaken the healer within you by attuning you to a greater flow of energy used for helping others.

Holy Womb Chakra

Unlock the transformative power of ancient mantra and yantra formulas. Purify and empower your womb chakra, heal yourself and others, and deepen your understanding of the Sacred Feminine.


Holy Ampulla of Sophia - an ancient embodiment and ascension activation first given by Mother Mary to the apostle Thomas and used from antiquity to present day in the coronation rituals of royalty.

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